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  • Reduce vibration generation or transmission to the structure
vibration CONTROL
Contact Us Damping materials
  • absorb structure-borne noise resulting from the impact on a solid, such as footsteps on floor, falling parts or hammering, to prevent it from transmitting into the building structure, travelling for some distance, and then be radiated again as airborne noise elsewhere in the building

  • absorb resonance vibration at the source

  • for the treatment of hard radiating surfaces, such as sheetmetal, wood, glass, ceramic, and most plastic surfaces

  • improve treated surface life span

Damping Compound:
to be painted or sprayed on uneven or small parts and self-adhesive

Damping Sheets and Tiles:
to be applied on flat or near flat surfaces


Isolanting antivibrations

  • reduce noise and vibration transmission through the structure
  • decouple two surfaces in contact, namely the vibrating equipments or parts and the building structure
  • significantly reduce movement of and maintenance on mechanical equipment
  • extend the equipment working life
  • isolate an area

Vibration Isolators:
spring or elastomeric mounts, installed at equipment anchorage

Flexible Joints:
decouple connecting piping elements
Inertia Base:
steel or concrete base installed under heavy or large equipment
Floating Floor:
reduces transmission to adjacent room of, or isolate a room from, structure-borne noise generated by equipment, transportation vehicles, physical activities


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