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  • absorb or block airborne noise at the source or on its propagation path
  • provide acoustical comfort, increased ease of communication and safety
  • in the scope of a hearing conservation program: reduce workers' exposure to harmful noise levels
  • reduce impact of outdoor noise in the environment
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Absorbing Materials
  • sound insulation: treatment at the source, absorb reflected noise from within the enclosed area where it originates
  • room acoustical correction: add absorption to existing surfaces
  • reduce ambient noise level, reverberation, echo
  • improve ease of communication, speech clarity or privacy, and user acoustical comfort
  • significantly reduce high-frequency noise

Acoustical Foam: conforms to any shape, plane or irregular


Hanging Baffles:
suspended from ceilings and overhead structures;  recommended for large volume areas and where the use of wall panels are impractical 

Sound Absorbing Panels: flexible, quilted or not, on ceiling, walls or free-standing, used individually or joined to other panels 

Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles:
rigid and aesthetic, perfectly match office and public room decors

Barrier Materials
  • block direct airborne noise from being transmitted to adjacent areas
  • protect people from surrounding disturbing noise
  • room soundproofing (home, office, commercial, and industrial environments)

Flexible Noise Barrier:
conforms to any shape, can be used for in-between-wall and ceiling insulation and as a sound barrier inside or around noisy equipment

Clear Strip Acoustical Curtain:
clear flexible barrier to isolate noisy equipment without interfering with visibility, access or material flow
Quilted Composite Curtain Panels: 
an economical option to rigid partitions; used individually or joined together  for wrapping, housing,  on ceiling, existing partitions or free-standing with curtain support system to build self-supporting screens or enclosures 
Curtain Support System:
support sound-absorbing or composite panels, or curtains to create a free-standing

one, two, three or four-sided enclosures, to attenuate the sound emitted inside or to protect workers from noisy

Modular Partitions:
to build – quickly and almost anywhere – temporary enclosures with all the benefits of permanent stationary structures 

Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging:
flexible barrier covered with a metallic coating to contain noise generated by gas or liquid flow in pipes and ductworks

Soundproof Doors and Windows:
a lot more than simple openings, they assure privacy, protection, calm and safety

Acoustical Concrete Blocks:
to build a permanent sound wall, indoor or outdoor


Composites Materials

  • combination of an absorbing material and a barrier material
  • absorb reflected sound and prevent noise from being transmitted to adjacent areas to yield additional noise reduction

Composite Flexible Noise Barrier:
lining, wrapping, lagging

Composite Floormat:
flexible sound deadening device for vehicles cabs or floors

  • safely and effectively attenuate radiated noise with no or little performance loss
  • reduce noise caused by high-velocity fluid flow
  • compatible with existing or planned piping
  • heat and shock resistant
  • almost maintenance free
  • for a wide range of applications and temperatures
Dissipative Silencers:
absorb the sound waves (e.g. air moving equipment)
Reactive Silencers:
cancel the sound waves by reflecting them back from where they came  (e.g. rotating machinery)
Dispersive Silencers:
reduce the turbulence and sound waves of high speed air flow (e.g. compressed air) 
Air Silencers:
reduced noise level and compressed air consumption (e.g. air ejector)


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