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Vibration Isolators - Flexible Joints - Inertia Base - Floating Floor

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Vibration Isolators

  • resilient, anti-vibration mountings installed between the machine and the
    supporting structure (wall, floor or ceiling)

  • reduce structure-borne noise generated by vibrating apparatus or small
    to medium size equipment in direct contact with structural elements

  • indoor or outdoor applications


  • Can be installed on floor, wall or ceiling
  • Skid-resistant
  • Economical
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Capacity of up to 38 000 lb per isolator
  • Spring-type or Neoprene-type



  • Equipment, either moving or struck, which is in direct contact with the building structure
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Air handling equipment

The choice between neoprene or spring-type isolator greatly depends on the location of the vibrating equipment. 

Equipment located far from structural elements (wall, supporting beam) is more likely to be affected by vibrations. Spring-type isolators will perform well under these conditions.  Their absorption capacity can be adjusted to the vibratory force.  They are also used when the equipment rotation speed is variable or lower than 1200 tr./min. 

Neoprene vibration isolators are used in area near building structural elements or in basement. They are normally used under small high-speed equipment. They absorb high frequency noise.

Flexible Joints

  • connecting pieces installed between piping and vibrating equipment

  • isolates vibrating machinery or equipment from its support structure

  • reduces vibration transmission and noise emanating from the piping system
    between vibrating equipment and resonating parts

  • reduces possible failure of piping and piping components and, consequently,
    maintenance on pipes

  • increase the equipment working life


  • Available for any pipe sizes
  • High temperature and chemical product resistance


Industrial Noise Control - Building Acoustics

  • Electrical connections
  • Piping and ductwork
  • Fan, compressor, pump...
Inertia Base
  • reduces transmission of vibrations from mechanical equipment into structural elements

  • acts as a mass barrier by decoupling the vibrating equipment and the building structure

  • improves the equipment stability by lowering the equipment centre of gravity

  • reduces displacement during start-up and shutdown

  • réduit le mouvement des équipements lors du démarrage et de l'arrêt


  • Steel or concrete base
  • Integrated Neoprene or spring-type vibration isolators
  • Structure and concrete pouring can be performed on the site


Industrial Noise Control - Building Acoustics

  • Fan, compressor, pump
  • Boiler, chiller, ccooling tower, HVAC units
  • Rooftop equipment...
Floating Floor
  • reduces sound transmission of both impact and airborne noise into hard surface floor system

  • prevents noise, vibration and impact from leaving or reaching a working area or a room

  • reduces vibrations in buildings exposed to large equipment, trains, subways…

  • concrete or wood elevated slab supported by vibration isolators

  • acoustical reinforcement

  • provides flexibility for dance studio and gymnasium applications


  • Integrated vibration isolators
  • Reinforcing bars installed across rows of isolators
  • Structure and concrete pouring on site


  • Wood floor for dance studio, show and exercise floor, bowling alley, gymnasium
  • Condominium, multi-family dwelling, commercial building
  • Concrete floor for industrial applications…


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