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Produits Acoustiques PN inc. provides products and services specialised in acoustics, noise and vibration control in the fields of architectural acoustics, occupational-industrial noise and environmental noise.  Our highly qualified staff is at your disposal to find cost-effective and optimal solutions to your acoustical problems, regardless of their nature or complexity, ranging from acoustical parameter measurements to turnkey projects.
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 ► History

roduits Acoustiques PN inc. was founded in 1994 by Mr. Phat Nguyen, eng., an acoustic specialist for more than twenty years.  Since then, the company assisted industries, commercial facilities and municipalities with the development of cost-effective, aesthetic and practical solutions to noise, vibration and acoustics problems.  

Mr. Nguyen graduated as a mechanical engineer from the école Polytechnique de Montréal.   After seven years as a research engineer specialised in noise and vibration reduction at the Centre de recherche Noranda, he decided to go into business.  In 1985, along with two associates, he formed Décibel Consultants inc., an engineering-consulting firm in noise and vibration control.  

Always eager to push his mission further, Mr. Nguyen started, in 1994, Produits Acoustiques PN inc.  Now, clients have a single door to push to access a wide range of quality products.

Produits Acoustiques inc. has recently splits its operations and is now structured as two separate entities.  Thus, Produits Acoustiques PN inc. continues to be a leading supplier of advanced, high-performance, high-quality noise & vibration control material to the industrial, commercial, and municipal markets while Vinacoustik inc. takes over the consulting and training services. 

Produits Acoustiques PN inc. and Vinacoustik inc. are still your best option when looking to reduce noise & vibration level and offer quiet working and living environment while searching for the best practical products at reasonable prices. We remain committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, customized solutions to our clients.

   ► Our Customers

Since being established in 1994, Produits Acoustiques PN inc. has taken an ever growing part of the market. Governmental agencies, industries, institutions, businesses and municipalities are among its base of clients.  In addition to local realisations, Produits Acoustiques PN inc. also completed mandates in the USA and overseas.

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