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Flexible Noise Barrier

  • control sound transmission through partitions

  • improve acoustic performance of existing partitions

  • create a quieter and safer environment, at home and at work

  • finds virtually unlimited use



  • Sold by the individual sheet, roll, die cut parts or molded shapes
  • Appealing washable facings
  • High resistance to dirt, dust, moisture, oil and grease, rot, tear, abrasion, heat, chemicals, and puncture
  • Resistant in a wide range of temperatures
  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to install with special glue or grommets for hanging purposes
  • Easy maintenance


  • In-between floor, wall, and ceiling isolation

  • Lining : household appliance, business equipment, medical apparatus and transportation vehicle, machinery cover, engine compartment

  • Housing : rooftop equipment, noisy equipment, engine, pump, compressor…

  • Clear vinyl flexible barriers can be used as walk-through strip curtain, door or window

  • Flexible barrier covered with a metallic coating are used for pipe and duct lagging

Clear Strip Acoustical Curtain

  • made of clear flexible noise barrier

  • provides sound attenuation without interfering with visibility, access for operation and maintenance or material flow

  • economically replaces windows in enclosures

  • can be used with curtain support system for a free-standing or mobile structure


  • Grommets along top edge for easy hanging

  • Easily modified and relocated

  • Easy maintenance

  • Abrasive, chemical, oil, grease, mildew, and heat resistant

  • Reduce heat or cold loss



  • To isolate noisy machinery or equipment while maintaining quick access

  • For full or partial containment of an area

  • 5 to 10 dB reduction…

Quilted Composite Curtain Panels

  • made of a layer of flexible noise barrier material and one or two layers of sound-absorbing acoustical foam

  • reduce airborne noise by providing a barrier between noisy and quieter areas

  • isolate a noise source from adjacent areas

  • may be hung, applied to existing surfaces, or attached to a curtain support system as rigid self-supporting enclosure or sound wall


  • Easily installed, relocated or modified

  • Durable, highly resistant to dust, dirt, oil, grime, chemicals, moisture and humidity

  • Sold as curtain panels, in rolls with edges bound or unbound, or die-cut pieces

  • Standard or custom sizes

  • Variety of stitching patterns

Additional features

  • Variety of durable protective facings for increased resistance and attractiveness

  • Grommets on top edge for easy hanging

  • Panels can be used individually or joined with hooks and loops or velcro to seal overlapping edges

  • Additional options with enclosures


  • Lining : engine compartment, equipment enclosure

  • Personnel protection enclosure

  • Contaient : equipment, machinery, ductwork, fan, compressor, blower, turbine, hydraulic unit, generator, grinder, cooling tower, HVAC unit, electrical equipment, rooftop equipment …

  • Barrier wall, firewall, ceiling, partition

  • Housing around pipes or on noisy machinery, such as motor, pump, press, and generator

  • Truck dock…


Curtain Support System
  • designed for installation of screens, curtains, partial or total enclosures

  • support sound-absorbing panels, clear strip acoustical curtain, quilted composite curtain panels or a flexible noise barrier

  • easy access to the machinery or the protected area and for servicing

  • multi-design configurations


  • Easy to install and relocate

  • Free-standing structure, or ceiling, wall or structure mounted systems

  • Durable construction, resistant in harsh environments

Additional features

  • Double-track systems for slide-open access

  • Casters


  • Screen

  • Barrier walls

  • Divider partitions

  • Total or partial enclosures…

  • designed for effective reduction and containment of reverberate airborne noise

  • create a quieter, and safer environment by reducing ambient noise level

  • improve personnel working environment, concentration, comfort

  • supplied with flexible sound-absorbing panels or quilted composite panels and a curtain support system

  • custom designed to meet individual customer specifications

  • economical alternative to rigid modular partition system


  • Completely mobile for easy access

  • Easy to install, relocate or modify

Additional features

  • Protective facings for harsh environments

Options include a comprehensive range of:

  • View windows for visual contact

  • Door and slide-by panels for quick access to machinery and equipment during operation and maintenance

  • Electrical service and ventilation systems

  • Intake/exhaust vents or baffles

  • Roof panel


  • Personnel shelter, observation and control rooms

  • Mobile enclosure

  • Manufacturing equipment

  • Hydraulic unit, press, compressor, fan, pump, motor, generator, grinder …

Modular Partitions
  • to build quiet, movable work or rest area – quickly and almost anywhere

  • functional temporary structures of unlimited sizes, shapes, finishes and applications

  • come with all the benefits of permanent stationary structures

  • protect against harmful effects of prolonged exposition to high noise levels

  • for plant growth project, new machinery, floor space rearrangement


  • Easy to install and to relocate

  • Weather resistant

  • Attractive finishes, resistant and washable

  • Screen, two, three or four-sides enclosures

  • Multi-tier mezzanines for storage, assembly, packaging, office area

Additional features

  • Doors, windows, roof, floor

  • Air conditioning and heating systems, electrical service


  • For controlled environment

  • For short-term or mobile equipment (pump, generator…)

  • Screen or enclosure for HVAC units, cooling towers, pumps and compressors and other rooftop or ground equipment

  • Machinery containment, mechanical or electrical equipment enclosure

  • Booth, kiosk, storage areas

  • In-plant office, smoking, conference, computer, control or observation rooms

  • Banquet, hospital, restaurant, school, classroom, rest room, washroom …

Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging
  • consists of a flexible noise barrier layer covered by an impervious and heavy layer of fibrous reinforced foil facing on one side

  • contains noise generated by the flow of fluid


  • Easy to cut

  • Quick and easy to install with matching tape

  • Corrosion and weather resistant



  • Noisy pipes, ducts, valves,  heat exchangers

  • High and low temperature applications (-10˚ à +180˚ F)…

Soundproof Doors and Windowns
  • doors offer a lot more than simple access to an area : they assure privacy and protection within a confined area, and calm and safety in adjacent areas

  • windows provide good insulation while keeping a visual contact on the machinery or activities

  • complete the facility acoustical treatment


  • Standard or custom sizes

  • Variety of attractive finishes and materials for different environments

  • Resistant in harsh environments

  • DOOR: hinged, manual or automated sliding, simple or double, solid or with view window

  • WINDOW : variety of sizes and openings


  • Public rooms, such as music room, concert hall, recording studio, conference room, auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium

  • Personnel access door, private closed office

  • Industrial area : plant, factory, workshop

  • Work station

  • High security area

  • Control, observation, machinery rooms, laboratory, test cell

  • Enclosure, modular partition

  • Truck dock …

Acoustical Concrete Blocks
  • free-standing permanent independent noise barrier and absorber

  • high sound absorption and transmission loss properties

  • hollow concrete masonry unit filled with sound-absorbing acoustical foam

  • no need for additional acoustical treatment

  • environmental noise control: protect residential, commercial or environmentally sensitive areas from noisy equipment or operations of construction sites, plants, transport-related activities…


  • Tough and wear, weather, impact and abuse resistant

  • Washable

  • Maintenance free

Additional features

  • May be painted or covered with a facing for aesthetic appearance


  • Room acoustical correction

  • Noise source containment

  • Partitions in:
    - mechanical equipment rooms
    factory production areas
    - recreational and sport facilities, such as gymnasium,
      swimming pool, ice arena
    - public rooms, such as auditorium, library, multi-
      purpose room, music room, radio and television
      studios, theatre, church, restaurant, laboratory,
      hospital, airport

  • Transportation noise barrier wall

  • Hangar, subway

  • Transformer, substation, power plant…


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